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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Eid Adha

One of the most important day for Muslims around the world is Eid Adha. Unfortunately headlines like “ the dispute over  who should lead the prayers in Pakistan resulting to a shoot out in the mosque, Ignorance of halal slaughter, The commercialization of the Eid Adha, Animal slaughter methods defy sharia,  the brouhaha from the animals rights groups” filled the search engines. Since there were no photos from our Malaysian counterparts on the Eid Adha celebration, I would like to share some of my personal insights on this topic.
from agpix (if you have any photos from Malaysia please email us)
It was my first time watching the Qurban from a surau nearby. I always thought it was inhumane to watch an animal bleed to death but the whole ritual has many meanings to it. Nevertheless there were people who taint the whole celebration by dressing inappropriately in a surau or mosque, not respecting the etiquette in prayer places which is actually common sense! Many didn’t even bother to fear Allah with their wrongdoings. However, I would like to point the bright side and bring out the real meaning of Eid Adha from a Muslim point of view. Correct me if I am wrong by sending me an email at
The whole celebration commemorates the willingness of prophet Ibrahim in his act of obedience to Allah to sacrifice his son Ismail. It wasn’t easy for any father to sacrifice in this case slaughter his son just for Allah. Jesus was tempted by the devil and Aiyub was mocked by the devil for his sufferings and many other prophets had their fair share of test. On this day the test of faithfulness fell on father, son, and the obedient mother. Prophet Ibrahim related his story to his son about his dream; having had it 3 times in a row he knew it was the revelation from the most high. The filial son approved of the dream and prepared himself to be sacrificed wavered under the agony of pain and anguish mockery of all logical justifications and reasons the order was carried out. Proving their obedience, Allah intervened and provided a ram to be sacrificed instead. Mankind has needs but God has no needs. Therefore any sacrifice to Allah brings no harm to him.
It’s an example of nearing divinity and absolute adherence to Allah and exalting him. An event like this only can be bore by a prophet of patience and obedience. Lessons which all Muslims should take heed.

Excerpt from the Quran
Surah As-Saffat (37) Verse 100-109
“O my lord! Grant me a righteous son!” verse 100
“So we gave him the good news of a boy ready to suffer and forbear” verse 101
“When the son reached (the age when he could) work, Prophet Ibrahim said: O the apple of my eye! I dreamt that I was sacrificing you. Tell me what you think? His son replied: father! Do as you are bidden; Allah willing you shall find me one of those who are steadfast” verse 102
“So when they had both totally surrendered themselves to Allah’s will and prophet Ibrahim had laid down his son prostrate upon his face. We consider Ibrahim with his earnest and will in carrying out our command-has already obeyed our command” verse 103
“We called out to him: O Ibrahim!” verse 104
“You have fulfilled your vision-thus do we reward those who do good” verse 105
“That was indeed an obvious test” verse 106
“And we ransomed his son with a splendid sacrifice” verse 107
“And we bestowed on him good reputation among people of later generations” verse 108
“Peace be on Ibrahim” verse 109
Rules Regarding the Animal to be Sacrificed
The animal has to be one of the cattle approved by Islamic law (Cow, Camel, Goat, Sheep etc.)
The animal has reached the required age. The adult age is:
·                  Two years for a cow
·                  Five years for a camel
·                  One year for a goat, lamb
·                  Six months for a sheep
The animal is free from an obvious defect like a one-eyed animal, a sick animal whose sickness is obvious, a lame animal whose limp is obvious, and an emaciated animal that has no marrow in its bones
The animal is in full possession of the one who is offering the sacrifice
It is not stolen or taken by force, not of joint possession or held in pledge
The animal can not be sold or given away once selected or bought for sacrifice, unless exchanging for something better

Rules Related to the Person offering the Sacrifice
A Muslim
It is necessary for the one who intends to offer the sacrifice that he does not remove any hair or nail from the sunset on last day of Zulkaedah until the sacrifice is done on the Eid day for the people performing the hajj.
Doing the slaughter with one’s own hands. If one is not able to do so then he can appoint some one else to do the slaughter on his behalf. In such case one should witness his slaughter if at all possible.
It is a necessary condition of the sacrifice that the animal be slaughtered with the intention of offering a sacrifice. The intention must be in the heart, and should not be spoken out loud.
Mention the Name of Allah at the time of slaughter.
Written by TDA

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