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Saturday, 20 November 2010

my cuppa

I have to admit to the constant dependency towards a strong cup of coffee and for many people it’s a juice of life! A well known fact is that caffeine stimulates the brain, heartbeat, metabolism and also emotions but we still drink it anyway.  Caffeine is just like sugar, a drug that needs to be infused into the blood stream every 4 hours. There are many ill effects of caffeine as it is a catalyst of many serious diseases. It can increase blood pressure levels, aggravates the artery walls, and causes irregular heartbeat. Caffeine is also diuretic and increases the urge of urination thus mild dehydration occurs.  Caffeine in food can also cause the depletion of calcium, what more if you drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day!
However for coffee addicts like me, who will find lame excuses to justify our addiction, only high intake of coffee on a regular basis can lead to detrimental health.  I may not suffer from a cardiac arrest or osteoporosis as “I supplement my diet with high calcium and healthy food which I microwave! (Do not take heed)” may put me and other coffee addicts in the low risk category. However since this is a consumer site and my personal views may not change the views of the association I have to COMPLY to the HARD accepting fact that too much coffee is bad for health.
On a daily basis we take in to much caffeine which can lead to other illnesses and being an urbanite aggravates the matter. I just found out that there are many food products that contain caffeine. Therefore the lame excuse of “I only have a cup or two should be reviewed”. I know of people who can sleep after a cup of coffee, so that excuse of having a cuppa to get moving is just a myth created by our desire or strong urge of coffee dependency.
While doing a brief research on this topic I realized that, my lack of sleep, anxiety, temper, heartburn, headaches and psychotic behavior was link to coffee. So don’t blame me for the outburst as I just had too much coffee this morning after a grueling night.
It’s not a joke! People actually die because of coffee and caffeine intoxication. In the US alone addiction to caffeine make up 80% of the population. Unaware of the toxic floating in that humble cup of coffee, consumers are ingesting more and more. Media statements by food industry players create a self assurance bubble that the usage of caffeine is at moderate level where scientists from laboratories around the world beg to differ.
Coffee lover or not, the power of consumerism can drive food industry players from the term moderate level to low level as we are prone to eating out or eating from the wrapper (which is now rampant among urbanites). There has been a ban over caffeine in the Olympics too. I also heard that certain companies have worked hand in hand and sponsored International Life Sciences Institute research; therefore what we read may be business propaganda.
Companies like Pepsi, Coca-cola, M&M, Mars, NutraSweet, Nestle, Hershey foods, Procter and Gamble are linked to ISI, so if you say that coffee and caffeine can make you loose weight, sharpen your mind, keep you alert, create the adrenalin boost, you are living a lie. It is actually intoxicating you. It not only has many diseases linked to it but is can be fatal and increase the chances of living with mental illnesses which is on the rise.
Diseases linked to caffeine and coffee intoxication are as below:
·         Kidney disease (too much; especially in children can cause inefficiency to process the toxin)

·         Mental confusion
·         Cancers (i.e.: bladder, pancreatic  etc)
·         Osteoporosis
·         High blood pressure
·         Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
·         Cardiovascular disease
·         Stroke
·         Ulcers
·         Miscarriages (in the long run)
·         Dehydration
·         Sudden sleepiness
·         Anxiety and nervousness
·         Shock
·         Insomnia (poor sleep quality)
·         Heartburn
·         Depression
·         Physical tension and pain
·         Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
·         Diarrhea and constipation
·         Fatigue

Hate to admit it but I myself have to reduce caffeine intake
Written by TDA


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